Universality- the spirit of a circle

my less than perfect circles, but mimics still

my less than perfect circles, but mimics still

“The spatial knowledge of things- expanding awareness”

I was knitting on the commute into work when I thought the previous sentence. It seemed that was a core of what knitting had been teaching me about the world, about observation. After some additional thinking however, I realized that being attuned to spatial connections and threads was more deeply present for me in drawing.

Learning how to draw is learning how to see really. How to end assumptions and begin understanding. Concentration is deeply involved in this, necessary for reinforcing the knowledge that becomes many building blocks for a practice.

My grandfather used to draw perfect circles- I can’t remember if I witnessed the phenomenon, or if I was just told he could and know it now to have been true- but I remember being so amazed by this mastery. Just the thought of being able to harvest this most base shape from the expanse of the universe and bring it into being at will. What power, to know that shape so well. Now I play with the idea, find these little circles fascinating, reflective, comforting.