Alone in Public- The Creative Tea Break

transcribed from the back of my tea-receipt, since my journal was foolishly absent:

the network neuron drawing is ready for Halloween

the network neuron drawing is ready for Halloween

ecosystems of place-time-people

→ glances and eyes caught in nets making webs of intraspecies connection

-the by-catch that changes life paths

  •  The Tea Mind-

We must trust in the poetry of the body- leaving value to be distributed safely into its jurisdiction. All we do now is punish it for its tendencies towards lust, but would it even be so if in other/most instances it were listened to? Plus, the intellect will always somewhere fail. If we put all our self worth int under that one heading, we would feel forever threatened, and would behave as small as our assumed margins of error:

-distillations of opinion


annotations on experience

The Conscious Exhale

-starting sentence/feeling

(end transcription)

I had the Tea Mind concept- that I know almost nothing about- in my head from reading something about it on the side of a Tea Republic canister in my kitchen. One of their Tea Mind quotes from their blog for you here: “The Leaves take the water, the first sip emanating wisdom’s light. Where Tea Mind is polished, it shines, pervading the universe, is more than it seems. And so are we.” –The Ministers of Travel