Consumption/Danae Diptych

Consumption/Danae 1 of 2 

Consumption/Danae 2 of 2 

Luxury and consumption has been on my mind a lot lately, and this was a way to explore my role in that cycle. It isn't lost on me that my critique of consumption resulted in me creating art-largely defined as a luxury commodity. To me however, art is reality- it is grounding to produce rather than consume, to create. By creating objects of beauty ourselves, we aren't thinking of buying them- we are circumventing the issue in a small way. The couch that appears is one that I've dreamed of one day having in an attic studio- antique and covered in light green satin. Now I have it- actually in this drawing I have about three!

The pairs of chairs are waiting for occupants, waiting for conversations to start. It seems so easy not to talk about our relationships with money and luxury, but it could be so important. What greater luxury is there than having a rousing discussion with a friend, than confiding in each other your thoughts? I'm hoping to prompt some more dialogue with these pieces. 

What is your greatest luxury- that could never be bought?