Writing Across Mediums

Which writing counts? This has been a difficult question for me lately. Last year, I wrote in my journal nearly every day- I think I missed a total of 5 days when I was sick and such. Journal though- a hard copy, hand bound book I made for myself to write in. I still keep a journal, and I still write by hand in it, but more and more since I've graduated I've been turning to the screen for written expression.

This shift was highly motivated by reading the Huffington Post's Guide to Blogging. As a fledgling publisher, the itch to get ideas out quickly has been with me for a while now- this book gave me the mental tools to start setting a blog up for myself in earnest. Of course, this also meant re-doing my website. But writing a blog means typing a blog! I (literally) almost wrote my thesis on writing letters by hand- so how do I balance my need for hand written writing and on-screen writing? 

So far, my hypothesis is more of both, except that's really hard when working, starting up a start-up, and looking for a big girl job to pay those post-graduation bills. Any ideas for me?