Each time a pair of friends meets for coffee their connection is strengthened -both parties are present and listening in a way that is often hard to do in other parts of the day. Memories of these connections are precious, and should be captured. The modern ritual of going to a coffee shop alone is also satisfying and allows for introspection, relaxation, and focus while still being out and about in public. 

Because I treasure these practices so much in my own life, I want to make them beautiful and memorable for others. When I capture a coffee shop scene for someone, I know that they will be able to revisit that place or memory easily and often. 

My background is in Peace and Justice Studies and Studio Art. It is important to me to encourage the small connecting and caring rituals that contemporary society has. I truly believe that these baby steps towards people understanding and caring about each other strengthen the bonds of community and in turn make the world a better place.